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Dubai Police arrest a group of people for violating rules


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Al Barsha Police Station in Dubai arrested a group of youngsters over violating the precautionary measures accompanying the national disinfection drive. They reportedly held a gathering in front of a house in the jurisdiction area of Al Brasha Police Station.

“Al Barsha Police Station took all legal measures against the violating youth who signed a pledge that they will not to repeat the violation,” said Brigadier Abdulrahim Bin Shafi’a, Director of Al Barsha Police Station.

Brigadier Shafi’a explained the they strictly abide by the decision of the Attorney General of the UAE No. 38 of 2020 regarding the regulation for controlling violations and administrative penalties in order to combat the spread of COVID-19.

He also indicated that non-compliance with the instructions related to precautionary measures would lead to a fine or jail according to the type violation.

He continued, “In the case of repeating violations or failing to abide by the rules by holding gatherings or meetings, or holding private and public celebrations, gathering or presence in public places or private farms and manors, the one who is responsible for organizing the gathering will be slapped a fine of Dhs10,000 dirhams, while each participant in the gathering will be fined Dhs5,000.”

Brigadier Shafi’a pointed out that the Dubai Police have allocated the toll 901 for non-emergency calls, and the “Police Eye” service on the Dubai Police’s smart application to receive reports of any violations to the precautionary measures taken by the country to combat coronavirus.

Separately, the Command and Control Centre at Dubai Police responded to 553,406 phone calls during the National Sterilisation Programme from 26th March to 28th April, according to a press release issued by Government of Dubai Media Office on Thursday.

Colonel Turki bin Faris, Director of the said the Centre, said Dubai’s 999 emergency number received 432,477 calls while its 901 non-emergency number received 120,960 calls.

The majority of these phone calls were enquiries related to precautionary and preventive measures put in place by Dubai and the movement permit required during the National Sterilisation Programme, he revealed.

The Command and Control Centre received a record 52,000 phone calls in a single day immediately after the launch of the movement permit system. The exceptional efforts of the staff of the Centre enabled it to respond efficiently to the large number of calls, Bin Faris said.

The Director of the Command and Control Centre said callers could be grouped under two main types. The first constituted employees in the public and private sectors.

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