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VIDEO: Iranian businesswoman tells story of her recovery from coronavirus


Fariba Montakhab (left) and a healthcare staff share a light moment.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 40 year-old Iranian businesswoman, Fariba Montakhab, was tested positive for coronavirus at the beginning of April.

Fariba, who lives in Ras Al Khaimah, and has been a UAE resident for almost 20 years, had unfortunately caught the virus, and does not precisely know how she came across a coronavirus patient when she caught it.


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“Symptoms of coronavirus started to appear on me, from heavy coughing to not being able to breathe. I thought I’d feel better within a day or two, but when I did not, immediately contacted the authorities on the provided numbers for coronavirus cases,” Fariba said.

Authorities advised her to visit the nearest clinic to her residence.

Fariba was then escorted by a doctor to undergo the coronavirus test, and advised her to stay home and follow all safety measures by isolating herself until the test results were out.

Fariba Montakhab poses for a photograph at a hotel room.

Within two days, the hospital informed Fariba that the test was positive, after which an ambulance was immediately dispatched to admit her to a quarantine-period in a hotel.

“Doctors advised me to pack my essential needs and requirements from the house, and not to be worried about my medical care as they will be providing everything I need during my stay at the hotel,” she explained.

The quarantine period lasted 20 days, and included various medical care methods and a strict healthy food diet, which included fruits and healthy meals.

Fariba’s health was monitored by a medical staff, and a daily checkup call was made to ensure her wellbeing.

Fariba Montakhab celebrates her birthday during quarantine period.

After 20 days of isolation, Fariba was tested again and this time the results were negative, but nevertheless doctors advised her to stay for another 14 days to ensure her complete recovery.

“My birthday was in mid April, and the medical staff surprised me with a cake. I was extremely happy and touched by the surprise. Friends and family also surprised me with gifts and I spent the day remotely celebrating with them through social media,” Fariba said.

The young businesswoman is also interested in poetry and writing poems is one of her favourite hobbies.

She spent her quarantine time making live videos on her social media platforms, and has successfully used her story to inspire others and encourage them overcome their fear and be stronger to beat coronavirus.

Fariba had recently written several poems about her story with COVID-19, challenging the virus through her hope and wishing the wellbeing of other patients.

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