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VIDEO: Caffeine addict sends drone to get a cup of coffee from McDonald’s


The man prepares to fly his drone from his residence in Renton, Seattle.

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A Washington man has taken his coffee urge to a different level.

The man, who was under quarantine at his residence due the outbreak of coronavirus in Renton, a small city southeast of Seattle, called up McDonald’s to place an order for the hot caffeinated drink. 

He shared a part of the call which goes something like this, “Good morning, are you guys open…?

A McDonald's staffer says, “Yes.”

“I have placed an order for a small coffee,” the man goes on, adding, “But I'm not able to go outside because of the quarantine.”

Drone-Coffee-2 The man pilots his drone to the store.

As the conversation unfolds, the man asks the staffer to take the coffee outside.

He then tells him that he is sending a drone to retrieve the brew.

The video shows the drone flying over the city with a small bag hanging from a rope attached to it. The drone eventually finds its way to the McDonalds store. 

The video shows a McDonald’s staffer coming out with the beverage and waiting for the drone. The staffer then puts the drink in the carrier and the drone flies away, making its way back to the residence in Renton.

Drone-Coffee-3 A McDonald’s staffer puts the coffee in the carrier.

The caffeine addict grabs the package and quickly takes a sip.

The video was shared last month, and ever since it has been the doing the rounds on social media.  

Drone-Coffee-4 The man enjoys his coffee.

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