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VIDEO: 3-year-old girl, family recover from COVID-19 in UAE


Nivediya and her family with the hospital doctors and staff.

Iman Abdullah Al Ali, Staff Reporter

As a nurse in the frontline combating spread of the novel coronavirus, Geetu Shyam had been infected with COVID-19, and as a result, the virus spontaneously was transmitted to her family.

Geetu, a nurse in the northern emirates, her husband Shyam and their 3-year-old Nivediya were able to beat the virus and recover thanks to the active intervention and care of health care personnel and effective hospital management.

Nivediya has become the youngest patient to recover from COVID-19 in the UAE.

Geetu Shyam initially was infected while fulfilling duties as a frontline health care worker. She and her family were tested positive to COVID-19 following emergence of symptoms referring to the infection. They were admitted to Amina Hospital, where they received comprehensive, multidisciplinary care and treatment according to the Ministry of Health guidelines. The family was very deeply frustrated and shocked when they learned that their daughter also infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Jenny John Sheriato, a specialist pediatrician and the treating physician, said, "Nivediya’s condition moderate and that she quickly recovered from symptoms of COVID-19 when treated with hydroxychloroquine and supportive drugs. Although, Nivediya is in pre-school, she showed tremendous maturity in following the instructions cooperation with staff."

“The hospital provided the optimal clinical care and psychological support for the family to overcome the disease,” he added.

"Both parents had pneumonia, which is one of the common complications of COVID-19, but in these cases early detection and early treatment helped in a speedy recovery," said Dr. Mohamed Khaled, an internal medicine specialist and a physician treating both parents.

Mohamed Ali Al Omari, Chief Operating Officer (Northern Emirates) of Anglo Arabian Healthcare Group, said that as part of the global efforts to break the chain of the virus spread, Amina Hospital has conducted awareness and training campaigns in government departments, educational institutions and private sector companies.

It also allowed telemedicine services, along with drugs home delivery services and screening services to provide continuous care for patients in their homes, he added

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