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Emirati doctor congratulates COVID-19 patients on Ramadan with his own way


Mohammad Al Wali Al Naqbi poses for a photograph inside a hospital ward.

Adnan Okasha, Staff Reporter

An Emirati doctor, member of the frontline teams combating the novel coronavirus at a state hospital, presented a pure human gesture with simplicity to cheer the COVID-19 cases with the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

He wrote a congratulating phrase on his medical coat in both Arabic and English, (Ramadan Mubarak) to the coronavirus patients at the hospital.

Such a gesture gained remarkable patients' cheerful response, while his photo wearing that coat went viral on social media platforms over the past three days.

Dr Mohammad Al Wali Al Naqbi, a surgeon at a government hospital in Abu Dhabi, said, “The idea stems from the fact that patients are negatively affected as we remotely follow them up while they are in the rooms designated for them inside hospitals, as preventive and precautionary measures to prevent our infection.”

He continued, “Some measures leave difficult psychological effects on the patients, especially that doctors or nurses care for them at a distance, so the idea jumped to my mind to cheer them the advent of Ramadan. The message will be delivered to them when they see the phrase written on the coat.”

Dr Al Naqabi added, “I did not expect the joy of the patients with simple congratulations. I saw tears in eyes of some of them, who were happend to see a few words, while some prayed for the UAE for the attention and care they enjoy in this pandemic.”

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