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Ajman Police provide care for worker asked for help via twitter


The Ajman Police provided urgent car for an Asian worker who was suffering from symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath.
The police’s response came after the worker posted a video on his twitter account asking for medical screening.
He was afraid that he might infected with the new Coronavirus, so he had to ask for help through social media after he failed to get it from the company he works for based on the video which he posted. 
Lt. Col. Mohammed Bin Yafour Al Ghafli, Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Ajman Police, the police immediately proceeded with the necessary measures on same day the video was posted.
A special security team moved to the worker’s residence site in the second Al Jarf Industrial Area, where the place was secured through the approved mechanism of dealing with the coronavirus potential cases.  
The police also contacted Ajman Medical District to bring a medical team and an equipped ambulance to the location of the worker, where they provided him with full healthcare and conducted the necessary medical examinations.


The worker was found negative to COVID-19 and that he was suffering from symptoms of flu. 
The police also contacted the company’s representative, for which the worker works, and alerted him to the necessity of following up the workers and providing all the necessary needs for them in light of the current crisis.
Al Ghafli also called on the owners of companies and supervisors to care for workers, follow up their conditions periodically, provide all the necessary needs, and to ensure their commitment to the precautionary measures and safety precautions that help prevent the spread of the virus.

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