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97 students, teachers recreate ‘La Moustahila’


The recreation of the song “La Moustahila” by “Masterpieces” programme students aims at motivating students in the UAE.

Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

The Ministry of Education supports “Masterpieces” programme students’ initiative to recreate and perform the popular Arabic song “La Moustahila”, as part of the ministry’s keenness to contribute effectively in supporting the national campaign “Stay Home”.

The recreation of the song “La Moustahila” by “Masterpieces” programme students aims at motivating students in the UAE and various society members to spread positive interaction, contribute to the national efforts by staying at home, and take advantage of the capabilities of distance learning in continuing to study, work and carry out various life activities, thus enhancing the chances of the success of the national efforts to overcome the current health challenges.

Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Care and Activities Sector at the Ministry of Education, said, “The students of “Masterpieces” programme continue to reveal their distinctive talents and artistic innovations and their positive contributions to serve their community and country. Their recreation of “La Moustahila”, amongst actions taken by our nation and the world, is further evidence of the creative capabilities of these students, which allowed them to accomplish such a big scale artistic project without leaving their homes, and this success sends a message to the society that there are no limits to human capabilities if there is a will, desire and talent.”

A total of 97 students and teachers from “Masterpieces” programme have collaborated to perform in the four-minute song “La Moustahila”. The roles assigned to the students of the programme performed at home varied from singing, playing music, painting, creating traditional handicrafts and other performing arts inspired by the song.

31 members of “Masterpieces” programme participated in the musical creative aspect of the project, including 16 music students and 15 music teachers, while 16 students contributed to the visual arts aspect, 19 students participated in the theatre art aspect, 4 students in the film aspect, 20 students in the traditional arts aspect, and 7 students contributed to the aspect related to poetry and the lyrics of “La Moustahila” song.

The original version of “La Moustahila” featured more than 50 artists from the Arab world, including Moroccan artist Radwan, known as RedOne in the United States, who composed the song and co-performed it, and who has worked numerous times with international stars.

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