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Fake sanitizers confiscated in Ajman factories

Fake sanitizers

Sample of the products seized by Ajman Police.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Two factories in the emirate were closed this evening by DED-Ajman after 40,000 fake sanitizers worth Dhs500,000 were seized.

After the removal of the label, it was found that the original product is body spray and not a sanitizer, as promoted.

DED has withdrawn the product from outlets and ensured the market is free, in order to safeguard the health of the community.

Ahmed Khair Al Blooshi, Director of Control & Consumer Protection Department said, “A competent team of inspectors was able to reach the main supplier after tracking supply chain and to eradicate this fraud at its very core.”

“We underline that we will not put up with whomever arrogates himself to cause harm to the safety and health of community or use the increasing demand for a number of products for illicit gain. We will deter this category and stop offenders by imposing immense fines and legal sanctions,” he added.

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