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VIDEO: UAE residents warm up to Abu Dhabi Police’s heartening gesture


Abu Dhabi Police join the public in singing the national anthem.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

In a moving act of mutual respect, the Abu Dhabi Police have been responding to citizens and residents as they sing the national anthem and chant words of solidarity from their balconies and windows during curfew hours. 

In what has become a regular occurrence in Abu Dhabi, community members are showing their appreciation to the police while they patrol the streets and assist in the implementation of the disinfection programme. In videos posted online, police can be seen responding from their patrol cars, using speakers to join the public in singing the national anthem and to thank community members for staying at home.  

Gambhir, an Indian citizen and long-time resident of the UAE, told Gulf Today he applauds the police every night as they drive past and enjoys the interaction with them, whose acts he describes as "an encouraging gesture at a challenging time". 

Sarah, a New Zealand citizen who has been living in Abu Dhabi for over a decade, says she makes it a point to thank officials whenever she can. " It is important that I show my gratitude to the police, health professionals and other officials for keeping me safe, but I never expected to be thanked in return for staying at home. For the police to reciprocate the show of appreciation has been heartening." 

When contacted, an Abu Dhabi Police spokesperson said, " It is heartwarming to see citizens and expats united in singing the national anthem, and it is encouraging to see the community members committed to looking after one another by supporting the #StayHome campaign. The officers actions are an expression of our gratitude and reflect the existence of an uplifting and resilient community spirit".

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