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Remote learning plans impress students


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Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

Over 92 per cent student of the GEMS Education schools in the UAE satisfaction have expressed satisfaction as the group rolled out remote learning plans for students and parents since the mandated closure of schools and the move to E-learning last month.

About 92 per cent of students also indicated that they have learnt new topics and 88 per cent said that remote learning sessions are engaging and interactive, revealed the survey conducted by the group to ensure its remote learning plans are effective and as accommodating as possible of families’ different needs.

In excess of 4.3 million collective remote learning sessions have been delivered to date, spanning all curricula and year groups and with an attendance rate of close to 100 per cent, ensuring students continue to benefit from the highest quality education during these unprecedented times.

Also notable was that 84 per cent of respondents felt their school’s remote learning plan struck the right balance between online and offline sessions, which is key to maintaining student well-being. In addition, 92 per cent of parents indicated that their queries and concerns had been effectively addressed, reflecting the importance of schools receiving and acting upon feedback from all stakeholders in order to maximise results.

The success of the remote learning plans can be attributed to the more than 7,500 highly trained teachers working in GEMS schools in the UAE, as well as the organisation’s Dhs1.8 billion investment in recent years in technology platforms and solutions to enhance students’ learning experience. GEMS has long been working towards redefining the way schools teach and students learn, having set up divisions such as GEMS X that specialise in the research, design and prototyping of new educational ecologies and emerging technologies.

Krishnan Gopi, Group Chief Disruption Officer at GEMS Education, said, “The fact that the majority of families are satisfied with the E-learning being delivered is testament to our sustained investment in technology and the training our teaching staff receive in taking full advantage of our digital solutions.”

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