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Movement permits registration website works swiftly


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Somaiya Saad, Staff Reporter

Brig Saif Muheir Al Mazrouei, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, has confirmed that the website for the movement permits registration in Dubai has the capacity to receive 1,200 permits per minute, but sometimes, the website does not respond or load with some people due to the pressure on it by large number of users.

He said, “The fines are real and reach up to Dhs1,000, and offenders receive notifications of tickets on their mobile, so everyone must abide by the rules, because there is no room for complacency with the violators. It is imperative to stay home during this period.”

He pointed out that the artificial intelligence-based system of violations extends around the clock during sterilization period. It rectifies violations automatically, even if vehicles shot by radars. The AI-bases system automatically excludes the vehicles with movement permits, in addition to the permit holders who come out to provide their necessary needs, he added.

He continued, “The cancellation of radar violations on the first day of the extension of the national sterilization was a gesture from the prudent leadership, because some drivers were confused about the decision and its mechanisms. However, the movement permits registration system has been activated later, because the main goal of this procedure is to protect people and enhance societal divergence in these circumstances.”

He pointed out that the hotline provides all the necessary information and clarifies any inquiries related to the decision and the subsequent procedures regarding restriction of movement throughout the emirate 24 hours a day.

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