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VIDEO: Emirati man creates a small robot that can be used for sterilisation drive


A combo image shows Ateeq Alsuwaidi’s robot test run in Abu Dhabi.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A young Emirati photographer and astrophotographer from Abu Dhabi managed to test a sterilisation robot in the emirate on Sunday.

Ateeq Alsuwaidi succeeded in developing the robot that can be used in the sterilisation drive to stem the spread of coronavirus in the country. 

Alsuwaidi wrote on his Instagram account, “The experiment was made with organic materials only.

It was tested in an area far from the cities to know the result.

The robot is made from parts from an American robotics company and local parts.”

Alsuwaidi also said, “It was manufactured in Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi. It weighs approximately 30kg. It carries approximately a 50kg workload and works for 3 hours. The work duration can be increased with more batteries.”


Recently, an Emirati inventor named Ahmed Al Mazroui, founder of the Al Mazroui Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi, created a robot which can sterilise and spray all hard-to-reach and rugged locations, in addition to its ability to climb stairs.

The robot is equipped with cameras and sensors for remote control of up to 10 hours continuously without human intervention, making it contribute effectively to the national sterilisation programme to reduce the spread of the emerging coronavirus “COVID-19”.

Mazroui explained to Gulf Today  the robot can be controlled remotely with a distance of about 3 kilometres, at a speed of 10 km/h and can sterilise an area of 100 kilometres in a continuous period of time.

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