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VIDEO: Emirati robot sterilises locations swiftly in Abu Dhabi


The robots can be controlled from a long distance.

An Emirati inventor named Ahmed Al Mazroui, founder of the Al Mazroui Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi, created a robot which can sterilise and spray all hard-to-reach and rugged locations, in addition to its ability to climb stairs.

The robot is equipped with cameras and sensors for remote control of up to 10 hours continuously without human intervention making it contribute effectively to the national sterilisation programme to reduce the spread of the emerging coronavirus “COVID-19”.

Mazroui explained to Al Khaleej the robot can be controlled remotely with a distance of about 3 kilometres, with a speed of 10 km/h and can sterilise an area of 100 kilometres in a continuous period of time.

Al Mazroui added, “The robot has a tank with a capacity of between 150 and 200 litres if it goes on a flat ground, while in the case of climbing the stairs or entering the rough areas, it is preferred it be provided with only 100 litres to work easily and smoothly.”

Al Mazroui explained the robot can sterilise an area of about 4 metres in front, right and left to ensure that the virus is not transmitted to the user, indicating that the sensors in the robot detect the high temperature and give an alarm to the user.

“The idea of manufacturing the robot was inspired by the work of the national sterilisation programme, and it will contribute to providing solutions for the sterilisation of open spaces, which reduces human intervention,” he added.

Al Mazroui indicated that he invented and developed 10 robots which can perform sterilisation in all locations and have the same properties. They are not for sale but I made them to support the national sterilisation programme to contribute to reducing the spread of the Corona virus, in line with the precautionary measures taken by the wise leadership of the UAE.

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