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Ajman Police catch ATM robbers in 48 hours


A combo image shows the culprits in police custody, and the damaged ATM.

Ajman Police arrested two persons of Asian nationality in less than 48 hours of an attempt to rob an ATM in the emirate.

The details of the case, as explained by Lt. Col. Ahmed Saeed Al-Nuaimi, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of Ajman Police, are due to an information received by the Operations Room stating that two people destroyed an ATM in one of the industrial areas of the emirate.

A team was formed to uncover the mystery of the incident and arrest the accused.

The found that the ATM machine was completely destroyed with the intention of theft, but their attempts were unsuccessful and they fled the scene.

The police, within 48 hours, were able to reach the suspects and arrest them in their residence.

It was learnt that two people of Asian nationality were involved in the crime. The tools used in the crime were found in their possession.

The duo confessed to committing the crime with the intention of stealing. According to their testimony, they were referred to the Public Prosecution.

Lt. Col. Ahmed Saeed Al-Nuaimi praised the competence, expertise, vigilance and efforts of the police to arrest the culprits in record time, calling on the public not to hesitate to report any person who commits any crime.

Ajman police will not tolerate any nuisance that affects the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens and residents.

In February, in just 18 hours, Ajman Police revealed the circumstances behind the killing of an Asian in Ajman, according to Lt. Col. Ahmed Saeed Al Nuaimi, Director of Ajman CID.

Al Nuaimi said that a phone call was received alerting a murder in the Liwara 1 area, near the Eid prayer hall.

The police rushed to the scene to find the body of an Asian who had been stabbed several times. They informed the Public Prosecution accordingly.

Al Nuaimi added investigations and questioning some of those who were there at the crime scene brought to light that the victim was accompanied by three others in a restaurant.

Suddenly, one of them assaulted the victim with a white weapon, stabbing him several times, and escaped after that in a taxi with the other two.

A CID team identified the taxi and monitored it: it was heading to Sharjah Airport and then to the Emirate of Dubai.

The police identified the suspect, an Asian, and they also found the white weapon used in the crime, which the suspect hid in the taxi.

The other two persons who were accompanying the murderer were also identified and arrested.

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