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Thief steals Dhs6,000 from a parked car


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Mona Al Badawi, Staff Reporter

A thief stole from a car owned by an Arab in the city of Al Ain during the ban period at 4am.

The owner of the car reportedly noticed a strange movement near his vehicle parked in front of his house, so he went to where it was parked to discover that a person had broken the vehicle’s glass from one of its sides and stole a wallet in which there were more than Dhs6,000.

According to the owner of the vehicle, the thief who drove a car, fled and when he tried to catch him, he drove at a very high speed, trying to bump the victim’s vehicle to stop him from catching him.

The owner of the vehicle opened a report at the police station, that rushed to the crime scene to collect fingerprints, and also asked for the recordings of the external surveillance cameras set by a family living next to the victim.

More recently, the Dubai Public Prosecution has referred a 27-years-old, Asian employee to criminal court for stealing Dhs662,000 from the company he works in, and running away.

Details of the incident date back to June, 2015, when an accountant of the company had reported two incidents regarding the theft of Dhs162,000, and embezzlement of Dhs500,000 that was committed by a driver of the company.

When investigating the suspect, he testified to receiving wire transfers from clients abroad. In a previous similar incident, the suspect had used the authority given to him to convince a client company to write a Dhs500,000 cheque under his name and cashed it.

When the company asked him about cashing the cheque, he claimed that the bank was the reason behind the delay due to cash shortage, while in fact he took the money already.

The suspect repeated that excuse for three continuous days until he disappeared from work and was not answering his phone.

The company’s owner asked the accountant to visit the suspect’s house, and found that he was not there. The owner then asked him to cheque the suspect’s passport in the company’s safe, but the accountant did not find the key where it was hidden.

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