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Some residents bank on ‘home deliveries’ mostly


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 Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

These days, some of the residents are opting for delivery services being offered by supermarkets and groceries near their homes.

Talking to Gulf Today, a couple of groceries and supermarkets in Sharjah share their thoughts on the current workload.

“Everyone knows that majority of the people are staying homes these days and the markets especially restaurants are closed for in-house customers but offering free home deliveries. Earlier (before two weeks) we had around 25-35 home deliveries for household items from fresh vegetables to toiletries but now the number has doubled as well as our staff to meet the demands,” said Abbas, a salesman of a local grocery in the area.  Anees, another delivery boy of a local cafeteria told that now the number of orders for home deliveries have increased many folds.

“As earlier a large number of customers were visiting our outlet for breakfast, snacks and meal but now everybody placing orders through phone or Whatsapp for tea or meals and we are serving diligently,” he added.

Reinforcing their commitment to the local community, The Noodle House and Veggitech will provide complimentary UAE-grown fruit and vegetables to all healthcare staff — from nurses and surgeons, all the way to housekeeping, maintenance, reception — through contactless delivery with its 11-strong delivery fleet. “As they say, kindness is the best nourishment for humanity” said Nicola Walsh, Marketing Director, Sarood Hospitality, the Emirate’s leading homegrown restaurant management company.

“Both Sarood Hospitality and VeggiTech applaud all frontline healthcare staff for working tirelessly during this pandemic and we’d like to give back to them in any way we can. Together with VeggiTech we are offering all healthcare workers the freshest fully traceable and locally grown fruits and vegetables, all prepared to the highest food safety standards straight to their doors.”

Aligned with Sarood Hospitality’s green initiatives, the produce is sustainably grown within 80 kilometres of Dubai — at VeggiTech’s Sharjah-based hydroponics and grow light assisted hydroponics farm, and will be delivered pre-packed in eco-friendly, compostable packaging. Up to 500kg of locally grown produce will be available per day from the onset of this initiative, providing items such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, curly parsley and kale, all of which carry a high nutritional value.

VeggiTech, the vegetation technology start up, addresses key challenges of traditional farming — soil, temperature and water — through its in-house designed and manufactured system with multiple advantages including 95% less water usage and fertilizers; no pesticides.

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