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COVID-19: How to care for pregnant women


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Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

With restricted movements imposed by governments across the globe against the SARS-like but far worse COVID19, come the grip of loneliness and even bereftness.

The most vulnerable are the senior citizens as health experts have time and again reminded everyone that they would most likely have weakened immune system and so the self-imposed quarantine.

Gulf Today got in touch with Aster Clinic-Arabian Ranches general practitioner Dr. Fatemeh Aghanasiri on how companionship could still be embraced for them. As for the pregnant women and new mothers is the piece of advice from Canadian Specialist Hospital Obstetrics & Gynecologist specialist Dr. Priyanka Ashish Dhemre.

“Pregnant women are just as likely as the general public to develop symptoms if infected. Their immune system is weaker than others. They must be supported for the extra precautions. It is important that family members follow all the rules to protect them from contracting the virus.”

Dhemre said families must ensure that pregnant women and expectant mothers are in a peaceful environment.

They must immediately be given the support for the required interventions once post-partum blues kick them as this may be badder than usual, amidst the mandatory social distancing.

They must make sure that they have thoroughly washed their hands before breastfeeding their babies and before the highly-advised much-needed bonding “on the chest and near the face where the transmission of viruses could happen.”

“If pumping breast milk, make sure the equipment is absolutely clean and sterile.”

On caring for the elderlies, Aghanasiri encourages the younger generation to call up their parents, grandparents and even their neighbors to find out if they could run errands.

“Remember to always ask before assuming to respect their rules and autonomy. Should they need to go to the hospital, recommend them to conference call the doctor themselves or on their behalf, get the doctor’s advice or prescription of medicines.”

Another way of “keeping them in the loop” which is also creative as well as it is a means to bond within one’s own family is through “video chat; like try to get the recipe of your favorite dish from them, make it yourself” with the children partaking in the food preparation, cooking and cleaning.

Meanwhile, Medcare Women and Children Hospital-Dubai chief nursing officer Sian Coller said the facility adheres to the World Health Organization and Dubai Health Authority anti-COVID19 policies.

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