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Crisis body has mechanism to detect rumours


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Mohammed Alaa, Staff Reporter

Mariam Yaed Al Qubaisi, Director of Information and Communication Department and official spokesperson for the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), revealed that NCEMA in partnership with its strategic partner has a 24-hour mechanism to detect rumours and track those who promote them. The NCEMA takes the necessary measures that include responding to or denying the rumours through the official mass media and take legal action against those who promote them, she added.

The detected rumours are evaluated in terms of its impact on the internal community and whether or not they raise public concern and affect the UAE reputation, she said.

She called on the UAE society to follow all the directives issued by the official authorities because the safety of the UAE citizens and residents is a top priority for the UAE wise leadership and the national system dealing with this challenge.

Al Qubaisi advised the UAE citizens and residents to check with the official sources before circulating any information.

An earlier report said the UAE government has been proactive in taking all the required precautionary measures to address the dangers posed by COVID-19, Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, UAE Attorney-General, (AG) said on Monday.

“Spreading fake information and rumours is a crime punishable by law,” he added in a media briefing on the circulation of coronavirus-related rumours on social media.

He warned people against circulating false information and rumours about the spread of the novel virus, urging them to stop sharing videos showing families stocking food and other grocery products.

“Such material unjustifiably trigger unnecessary fear and panic among residents,” he explained. There was also false information spreading on social media that people should stay at home and are not allowed in public places,” said Al Shamsi, adding that a number of people have been caught for such irresponsible acts.

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