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Sharjah court defers hearing in stabbing case


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court postponed to April 6 the case of an Asian charged with stabbing another twice with a knife, after a fight broke out between them following a dispute to control a liquor site. The move was meant to inform witnesses of evidence, and to instruct the Public Prosecution to provide data of blood parents, to determine whether they wanted retribution or blood money.

The first witness, working for the Sharjah Police Investigation Department, said that he interrogated the suspect in his Urdu language and he confessed that he was involved in a quarrel between two groups who fought over a liquor site in Industrial Area 17. He stabbed the victim, A.J, twice with a knife, then he and the others fled from the site of the quarrel, but after several days he was arrested.

The second witness, also working for the Sharjah Police Investigation Department, said that he accompanied the team that arrested the suspect and interrogated him. He added the suspect confessed to selling alcohol with a group of people in Industrial Area 17, and that he was involved in a fight with another group to control the place of sale.

The witness indicated that the quarrel occurred in a sandy area where the victim attended, along with 10 others carrying knives.

The victim also admitted stabbing the victim in the stomach, claiming his life, adding that he and his fellows had concealed the body in a sandy area in Industrial 10, confirming during the investigations that he had thrown the crime tool into the garbage.

In court, the suspect denied the charges and his statements in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, stressing that he was coerced during the investigations.

Earlier, the Sharjah Misdemeanours Court adjourned to 2 April, to summon the first suspect and listen to his statements, the case of 3 Asians charged with stealing a four-wheel drive vehicle they rented from one of the emirate’s car rental offices.

The case dates back to 24 January 2020 when the complainant filed a report with the police about the theft of a four-wheel drive vehicle belonging to his car rental office.

By tracking the vehicle’s itinerary through the tracked device installed, the security teams found it in one of the auto repair workshops.

The second suspect H and the third, A. kh attended the session while the first did not.

When the court confronted the suspects with the charges, the second denied the theft, while the third affirmed that he was outside the country at the time of the incident.

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