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VIDEO: UAE confirms 15 new coronavirus cases, total number of infections rise to 113


Medical personnel complete administrative work after testing a patient. AP

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE Health Ministry confirms 15 new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) that were monitored through early and active continuous investigation.

The cases were identified after examining the condition of those who were in contact with travellers.

The ministry said in a statement that the cases belong to different nationalities, including one from Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, the United States of America, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh and two people from both Britain and Spain, stressing that all cases are stable.

This brings the number of cases to 113.

Dubai-virus-1 A family walks by a closed exercising area at Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai. AFP

The Ministry affirmed the continuous cooperation with all concerned authorities in the state to monitor and follow up the virus and deal with it in accordance with the highest medical standards to protect the community.


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The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) assured that medical facilities have been equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and supplies to provide care and take all measures required to deal with COVID-19, including airborne infection isolation rooms, following World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.

The Ministry advised the members of the general public to adhere to preventative health and personal hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Dubai-virus-2 A picture shows a closed cinema at Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai. AFP

It noted basic protective measures such as the frequent washing of hands; when coughing and sneezing to cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue and discarding of the tissue immediately; and to seek early medical care if symptoms of fever, cough and difficulty in breathing arise.

The Ministry also advised individuals with respiratory illness symptoms to avoid mixing in crowded places. It also called on members of the public to seek information from official sources, and avoid the spreading of misinformation.

The UAE Government has ramped up coronavirus testing following the pandemic's spread.

As of Tuesday, the 17th of March, 127,000 individuals had been tested for coronavirus in the UAE, according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Theses figures, relayed to the Emirates News Agency, indicate the country's concerted efforts to prevent the further spread of the virus, which has caused 187,000 confirmed cases worldwide.

Considering data on COVID-19 testing per capita, the UAE is now leading global efforts to ensure the mitigation of the pandemic.

When analysing the number of swab tests conducted per capita, the UAE total has exceeded 13,020 tests per one million people.

It is worth noting that not every country reports testing figures using the same metrics. However, these figures shed light on actions taken by global infectious disease and public health communities to contain COVID-19.

When looking at the number of positive cases, the UAE rated 0.8 COVID-19 cases per 1,000 individuals.

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