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Remote rehab for differently-abled students starts on March 22 over virus concerns


Ministry assures the remote rehabilitation will improve the relations between the students and teachers.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

The system of ‘Remote Rehabilitation’ is starting on March 22 and aims to provide services for people of determination students who are registered in the ministry’s centres, “Mashagel” vocational, rehabilitation and employment centres and early intervention units and centres all over the UAE.

From March 22, the ministry will begin the smart application “My Family” which allows the families to participate in ‘remote intervention’ to enhance child support efforts and in line with the precautionary measures taken by all the UAE authorities to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus Covid-19.

Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister for Community Development, said: “The remote rehabilitation system embodies preventive health objectives and promotes joint participation between the ministry and homes of the people of determination. It is a smart initiative based on reaching the beneficiaries of the ministry's services through "Care and Development" with a forward-looking vision. The Ministry is very keen to maintain the health of people of determination students and staff at the centres, early intervention units and prevent them from being exposed to infectious diseases in general, while emphasising the continuation of education and rehabilitation process for the people of determination.”

She emphasised the value and importance of remote rehabilitation would also contribute to making the home environment a supportive educational, rehabilitation and enrichment environment. In particular it focuses on training parents on how to deal with people of determination, and provides them with the necessary skills within the home educational environment, in order to maintain the abilities of the people of determination, and strives to promote their developmental skills.

She continued that "remote rehabilitation" also includes the enrolment of female students in “Mashagel” workshops, to be provided with simple equipment that are necessary to “Qelada”, “determination bracelets” and other accessories created by students with intellectual disabilities who will be able to manufacture their products from home.

Remote-rehab-1-750x450 A trainer helps a student in fixing blocks during a learning session.

Furthermore, Wafa Hamad Bin Sulaiman, Director of Welfare & Rehabilitation Department for People of Determination, stated that the six people of determination centres in Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Fujairah and Dibba Al Fujairah will transfer their rehabilitation and educational services to remote programmes.

The official noted that the new remote rehabilitation programme depended on innovative methods that allow individual sessions to the student in the presence of the guardian, training and guidance of the guardian individually.

An educational and rehabilitation bag will be sent to the student every week, including activities, worksheets and simple notes to the guardian or parent; these bags will be prepared by teachers according to the students' objectives and skills with basic stationery tools for the student to carry out activities at home under the supervision of the guardian or parent.

The system will include sending the "student rehabilitation plan" on a weekly basis, and follow up the implementation of the plan with the guardian.

Wafa Hamad Bin Sulaiman said: “The Ministry of Community Development enhances the successful idea of remote rehabilitation and distance learning through each parent's WhatsApp.An educational material will be developed to include a range of different activities using material available at home and enable parents to train their children on using simple tasks and skills at home such as attention and concentration and classification, strengthening small and large muscles, and other personal skills. The new impact of the new system is measured through continuous communication with the guardian or parent in order to follow up the development of the student and guide him to the effective development methods.”

She also elaborated that remote rehabilitation also includes "early intervention" students, who will receive more care and attention through the application "My Family with Me", which will soon be launched on the "Apple" and "Android" stores. The "remote intervention" application is an electronic portal that allows teachers to continue providing and receiving early intervention services in coordination with the family. It also targets families of children who are developmentally delayed and those who are enrolled in the Emirates Early Intervention Programme.

The Director of Welfare & Rehabilitation Department for People of Determination explained that the idea of "My Family with Me" application starts with the placement of the child’s rehabilitation goals by early intervention specialists. The family can implement the goals within the child’s natural environment and his daily routine.

The parent or guardian (father, mother, siblings) trains the child on these goals then puts an achievement mark to be added to the child’s other goals by the specialists. The application ensures the participation of the family in the rehabilitation process and the dissemination of the goals achieved within the natural environment.

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