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Coronavirus sends students' lives into a tailspin


Students wear protective face masks as they walk near Eminonu in Istanbul amid the outbreak of the new coronavirus. AFP

Henry Jacob

The coronavirus outbreak seems to be gaining intensity with each passing day. The virus is making people do the unimaginable. They are living in an age of bans on entry to cafes, restaurants and cinemas, clampdowns on travel and virtual confinement in their homes. Social contact has been considerably minimised, even the handshake has been shaken off.

Those living in Europe are in panic mode. Students in particular have been hit hard. “I would like to highlight the stressful situation at Glasgow due to the cause of COVID-19. As I developed some knowledge about this virus, the more overwhelmed I felt and the feeling of health and safety is intolerable because nobody is able to control this contagious virus,” remarks

StudentsVirusStudents say goodbye to their friends as they prepare for a spring break and an extended period of online classes due to the coronavirus outbreak at Syracuse University. Reuters

Noel Sunil John, a student from Glasgow. John is very nervy. “Feels like I'm stuck in a trap and it does scare me as a student. My daily activities are hampered, moreover the economy’s performance is sliding very quick. This virus has made my past few weeks extremely difficult for me and those around me. The working class and the students are suffering from fear of getting this virus and all large group meetings are cancelled. Such is our state right now. My university is currently holding a few classes via videoconferencing. We're only hoping that this situation gets better over time.”

Jobin, a student in Lyon, France, avers, “Institutions are functioning normally but I am living in fear that I might fall ill (with the coronavirus). The universities are still running and they have not cancelled any classes which is disturbing for me as a student.”

MaskCubaTourists using face masks arrive at Jose Marti International airport in Havana. AFP

A techie from London, who pleads anonymity, says, “ We’ve all been made to work from home. Most public gatherings have been cancelled like football, sporting events etc. All my personal travel plans are on hold. Employees can’t travel for business meetings. The virus has impacted the business I support as well as my personal life.”

Another UK-based resident, Rajiv Paul Reddy, remarks, “People are stocking on supplies. The spread (of the coronavirus) is alarming people.

“The UK has not put on a full ban. People are still going about their business. But if the spread of the coronavirus keeps up its current pace I believe they will impose a ban on public gatherings this week.”

The comments were made via email.

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