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Duo charged with robbing from company sites in Sharjah


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Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court adjourned a case in which two Arab nationals were charged with destroying and robbing from company sites.

According to the Public Prosecution investigations, the two defendants in their thirties robbed several sites of various companies after breaking their locks and destroying their gates to be able to get in and steal the contents.

When confronted by the court with the charges levelled against them, the two defendants denied that they had robbed from any of the companies named in the investigation minutes.

They stated that they had been forced to come to the robbed sites and to admit to the robbery by coercion.

They, however, denied the charges during the Public Prosecution investigations. Their statement was supported by the testimonies of the owners of the companies who denied that they knew the defendants or were involved in the robbery.

The court requested the team assigned to arrest the two defendants to be summoned for testimony. The court decided to look into the defendants’ request to be bailed out and adjourned the case to March 24.


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