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2,000 chefs from around the world participate in event


The 2nd Expo Culinaire 2020 affirms its position as a perfect platform for the hospitality sector.

The 2nd edition of Expo Culinaire 2020 was rounded off last Thursday after having successfully attracted a large number of visitors, as well as the outstanding participation of 2,000 chefs from around the world.

Some 200 exhibitors took part in the exhibition, in which they presented their stunning shows in the culinary arts and top international cuisines, providing a perfect platform for the local community to learn about the most delicious tastes worldwide amidst a unique interactive atmosphere.

Expo Culinaire was organised by Purple Kitchen Events with the support of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI).

In conjunction, the winners of the 23rd Emirates International Salon Culinaire, the world’s largest annual single-entry chef competition, which was organized by the Emirates Culinary Guild with the support of the SCCI, were crowned with Gold, Silver or Bronze accreditation certificates and the support of a number of international cooking and hospitality brands.

Around 800 contestants, representing local and international restaurants and hotels, participated in the 30 categories of the competition after having been evaluated by a group elite of judges in accordance with international standards of professional chefs. The exhibition platforms also saw major deals and sales in catering, food and beverage fields, something which reflects the positive impact of the exhibition on the booming sector of hospitality and cooking.

Abdul Aziz Shattaf, SCCI’s Assistant General Director, Members Services Sector and Director of Sharjah Exports Development Center, said: “For the second year in a row, Expo Culinarie constituted a perfect platform for world chefs and businessmen working in the hospitality sector to learn about the latest developments in the food industry. The event was also an opportunity for young national talents to meet with the senior chefs, exchange views and benefit from their experiences, in addition to taking part in one of the major international competitions that witnessed impressive Emirati participation.”

He emphasised the SCCI’s keenness to support this event to sustain its successful march and pivotal role in promoting the hospitality sector in the Emirate of Sharjah, which is a distinctive destination for investment in this vital sector.

Shattaf thanked the sponsors of Expo Culinaire, the organizing company and the Emirates Culinary Guild for their cooperation in making this event successful.

Sultan Shattaf, Director, Sales & Marketing, Expo Centre Sharjah, said: “It was an extraordinary edition by focusing on exploring the future of  the hospitality sector in Sharjah and attracting major companies of food and beverage, as we as employing specialized platforms for food supply experts, and extending communication between the most prominent chefs and influencers in the food and beverage sector.”

He stressed the keenness of the Expo Centre Sharjah to organise such events, thanks to their key role in attracting many international and local companies and businessmen working in various economic sectors to Sharjah o enhance its position as an attractive destination for investment.

A large number of exhibitors and chefs commended the quality of the organisation and the facilities provided, something which contributed to achieving positive results, affirming their willingness to take part in upcoming editions.

The 2nd Expo Culinaire featured an impressive program of training courses presented by specialized centers, such as the Chef International Centre, Dubai College of Tourism, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, International Centre for Culinary Arts - ICCA Dubai, and Richmonte Masterbaker.

Also, visitors to Expo Culinaire had the chance to learn closely about the undergraduate and master’s degrees in culinary arts.

And for the first time, the third Annual Filipino Food Industry Conference was organized and saw the presence of F&B operators and restaurant owners to review the exciting opportunities in the Philippine hospitality industry.

Another remarkable participation in Expo Culinaire was by Ecolab, a company specialized in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, which discussed, over two days, the protocols on how to deal with health crises, such as the outbreak of the coronavirus and its impact on the hospitality sector.


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