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Abu Dhabi Police warn motorists how fatal jumping the red light can be


A screen grab taken from the Abu Dhabi Police's video on red light confusion shared on social media.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Actual footage of motorists jumping the red light was recently posted on the Abu Dhabi Police’s social media platforms.

The posted videos were part of the police force’s campaign “Safety Path,” aimed at raising the awareness of drivers about the dangers of running the red light.

RedLightAccidentA SUV ends up crashing with a sedan at the intersection in  Abu Dhabi. Photo: Abu Dhabi Police

The campaign was organised in collaboration with the Monitoring and Control Centre, in an attempt to raise drivers’ awareness about the importance of adhering to traffic rules while driving on main or side roads, in order to prevent fatal accidents from happenings and maintain the safety of all road users.

Screen Shot 20200312 at 52513 PM

Police warned motorist not to run red lights, explaining that motorists commit such a dangerous traffic violation because they are not attentive while driving, or they drive on very high speed.

In addition, police pointed out that launching the awareness campaign came as part of the Abu Dhabi police’s strategic plans to raise traffic safety standards, and urge motorists to adhere to traffic rules.

For light vehicles, the fine for running red lights is Dhs1,000 with 2 black points, and 30 days of vehicle impoundment.

As for trucks, traffic fine is Dhs3,000, and confiscation of licence for a year, starting from the day of committing violation.

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