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Maids rob employer’s belongings worth over Dhs27,000


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred two African maids to the criminal court, for robbing valuable items worth over Dhs27,000 from their employer’s house.

According to official records, the house owner testified that she had received a call from her sister on the day of the incident, stating that the two maids had run away from the house.

The victim rushed to the maids’ room to look for them, but instead found her savings box emptied on the floor of their bathroom.

She immediately headed to the bedroom to check her belongings, and discovered that they stole five handbags worth Dhs15,000, three sports shoes worth Dhs1,200, three travel bags worth Dhs1,200, three gold bracelets, clothes worth Dhs3,000, Abayas worth Dhs1,500, make-up products worth Dhs2,000, and a cash amount of Dhs3,000.

The two suspects were caught by police and confessed to their crime.

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