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Dar Al Ber spends Dhs11 million on various projects


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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

The Ras Al Khaimah chapter of Dar Al Ber has reaped revenues of over Dhs11 million during 2019 provided by philanthropists and organisations from the private sector.

The money was spent on 8 different and integrated fields for humanitarian and charitable work in the UAE and many other countries around the world.

Ali Abdullah Alshehy, the director of Dar Al Ber branch in Ras Al Khaimah, pointed out that a sum of Dhs5,613,522 was allocated to construction projects, serving and maintaining mosques and digging wells.

“One million and 232 thousand and 325 dirhams were spent in the frame of providing zakat for its beneficiaries, Dhs157,315 went into printing the Holy Quran projects and distributing it among Muslims in several countries, Dhs1,246,484 for orphans’ sponsorships, science students and teachers’ projects.

 Dhs1,814,974 was spent in the frame of supporting the projects of the productive families, Dhs219,593 for the charitable endowment, Dhs400,000 for the seasonal projects during Ramadan and Eid Al Adhha and Eid Al Fitr clothing for the children and beneficiaries. However, Dhs403,963 came from the moneybox (safe) in the market and public utilities,” he said.

Ali Alshehy indicated spending Dhs8,736,980 on providing happiness projects, Dhs2,477,500 to pay the fees of 653 students in schools and universities from the families that can’t afford them, and Dhs294,940 for paying the bills of electricity and water for the houses of 98 families of limited income.

According to Alshehy, the Society’s branch in Ras Al Khaimah recorded 307 new converts during 2019, organised Umrah trips for 46 needy people within the “once age Umrah” project, distributed 40,000 ‘calling to Islam’ leaflets following the approach of moderation, and organised 2,700 religious educational awareness lessons.

Moreover, the Alber project branch for memorising the Holy Quran in Ras Al Khaimah registered 84 male and female students.

One of the students succeeded in memorising the entire Quran.

Eight students participated in the Quranic competitions and the project branch organised two Sharia scientific courses.

However, the Human Resources Department in Dar Alber has launched 23 specialised training courses for the Society staff, at its main headquarters on Sheikh Zayed Street in Dubai and its branches in the State, during 2019, in various fields and arenas.

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