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Official denies rumours on coronavirus

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Iman Sorour, Staff Reporter

Adnan Abbas, assistant general manager of Al Nahda National Schools has affirmed that no students at the school is infected with the Coronavirus.

Abbas indicated that the school reserves its legal right to prosecute rumour mongers which harm the reputation of Al Nahda schools and stir fear and insecurity among students and parents.

The school administration called on everyone to avoid transmitting rumours which cause confusion among students and employees, and cause anxiety and fear in Emirati society in general.

Abbas added that the students will go to their schools on Thursday, stressing the safety of all students.

Seperately, Zayed University announced on Wednesday that its students will be taking an early Spring break beginning 8th March, following COVID-19 concerns.

In a statement the University said that the move follows “current health and safety precautions issued by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Ministry of Education,” adding that the break will end on 19th March.

University Officials stated that Zayed University diligently abides to the health and safety precautions and regulations issued by the government.

The statement noted that from 22nd March until 2nd April, Zayed University students and faculty are to complete educational curricula and materials via the ‘Adobe Connect’ application which was setup for distance learning.

The application allows for online synchronous (at the same time, live) classrooms between faculty members and students.

“All students have access to a microphone to enable them to actively participate with teachers and their classmates.

“Teachers can facilitate discussions, present [lecture] slides, engage with polling questions, foster collaboration amongst students in breakout rooms and much more,” said the University’s Provost Michael Wilson.

He also mentioned that the Zayed University Centre for Educational Innovation is offering a one-hour orientation session, starting today to prepare faculty members for the distance learning application.

Meanwhile the University’s IT department alongside some faculty members are putting together an instructional video concerning the distant learning mechanisms, which shall be shared with the students in the next few days.

The statement noted that the University has taken several steps ensure precautionary and preventative measures to avert the spread of the new coronavirus.

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