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Asian employee in Sharjah caught red-handed taking bribe


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court addressed the case of an Asian employee who was caught red-handed accepting bribe.

The suspect denied all accusations and claimed that he was innocent.

A witness revealed that police teams received a tip-off from an informer about the suspect.

An arrest warrant was issued and the officer immediately headed to the incident’s location with other officers.

The suspect was caught red-handed taking money inside the informer’s vehicle.

When confronted, he claimed that a friend was financially helping him and gave him the money.

After he was arrested and brought to the police station, officers repeated their question about the cause of the money, and the suspect broke down and confessed that he took it as a bribe to facilitate procedures process in his company.

Upon confronting the suspect, he denied all accusations and claimed to have never seen the witness officer before.

The witness officer had revealed to court that he was in the company of other officers at the time of the arrest, and during investigation of the suspect.


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