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Date palm photo contest picks winners


The first place was won by photographer Namariq Al Lamki from Oman.

Shamila Jamaluddin, Staff Reporter

The winners of the International Photography Competition for “Date Palm in the Eyes of the World” 2020 at its eleventh session was announced on Tuesday.

Prof. Abdelouahhab Zaid, Secretary General of KIADPAI, (Khalifa International Award for Date palm and Agricultural Innovation) in a press statement announced that the eleventh session of the photography competition was marked by the participation of ninety one photographers representing thirteen countries around the world, with 301 of the most beautiful pictures depicting their relationship with the blessed date palm tree.

The first place was won by photographer Namariq Al Lamki from Oman, second prize goes to photographer Abdul Ar Rahman Al Borih from Saudi Arabia and the third won by Yousif Ahmed Al Badi from UAE.

The first winner gets Dhs20,000, the second winner gets Dhs15,000 and the third receives Dhs10,000 respectively.

In addition the winners get a trophy and a certificate of appreciation. All participants are awarded an electronic Certificate of Participation from the Award. The winners can compete only after three years.

The competition “The Date Palm in the Eyes of the World” is organized by KIADPAI in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi International Photography Association, under the patronage of Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Award.

Photographers from around the world are invited to participate in this competition, their main focus being only in the date palm tree in all its dimensions, products, tools, conditions and derivatives.

A specialist technical committee will judge the contested photos and sort out the results and announce the winners name.

The competition is entitled for all photographers above the age of sixteen from around the world. Entries are limited to not more than four images in one section (DATE PALM TREE — Colour or Monochrome).

The features that are covered by the competition includes date palm tree in its whole or parts and in different seasons, fruits of date palm trees could be either ripe dates, dried dates or unripe ones.

The third feature includes heritage-industries and handicrafts which depends on the date palm parts such as palm leaves, fronds and branches while the fourth includes people and its close relation with the date palm tree.

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