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Passengers shocked as PIA plane's door opens during landing


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In an unusual incident a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft's door opened during landing, leaving all the passengers on board absolutely shocked.

Passengers on board a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Islamabad to Sukkur were shocked when the door opened during landing, it was reported on Monday.

One of the female passengers on board the flight on Sunday told a section of the media that the flight was landing at the Sukkur airport when its emergency door opened.

"It all happened when the plane touched down on the runway. As the door opened, all the passengers on board started screaming while some of them started making videos with their phones...," the passenger said.


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Passenger on PIA flight opens emergency door by mistake

She said that nobody touched the door or had attempted to open it, adding: "Thank God, it didn't happen in mid-air."

PIA Abdullah Hafeez spokesman said an inquiry into the incident has been initiated, adding that doors open from inside the aircraft.

The spokesman said the plane's door opened when a passenger touched its handle while getting up from his seat.

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