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Trump shares his excitement to visit India with a morphed 'Bahubali' video


A screenshot of the morphed video shared by Trump on social media.

US President Donald Trump posted something as unusual as him, that has left social media users absolutely amused.

Before setting off for India on a two-day visit, Trump tweeted a morphed video clip of the epic action film 'Bahubali' on his Twitter handle with a message.

Trump tweeted: "Look so forward to being with my great friends in India," attaching the video.

In the video Trump's face was superimposed on 'Bahubali,' the protagonist played by South Indian actor Prabhas in the eponymous movie. Other members of Trump's family – his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka and Trump Jr – also feature in the video.

The hitsong "Jiyo re Baahubali..." plays in the background.

Trump is seen wielding the sword, fighting, riding a horse and driving a chariot in which Melania is sitting.


The one-minute, 21-second long clip was put out by an unverified Twitter account identified as 'Sol', with a message, "To celebrate Trump's visit to India, I wanted to make a video to show how in my warped mind it will go... USA and India united!"

More than 13 lakh people watched the video which was liked by more than 60,000 people. Around 16,000 people retweeted this tweet.


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Trump will be on a two-day visit to India on February 24 and 25, when he will be visiting Ahmedabad, Agra and Delhi.

Upon his arrival in Ahmedabad, he will be welcomeed at the Motera Stadium.



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