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Arab travel agent embezzles Dhs162,000 from air tickets


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff reporter
The Dubai Public Prosecution referred an Arab travel agent, 30, to the criminal court for embezzling over Dhs162,000 by overcharging clients.
Official records indicate that the suspect was working as a travel agent and was fully authorised to book flight tickets of clients. However, he exploited the power granted to him and began to overcharge flight tickets, and charge extra fees for delayed and upgraded flights.
The embezzlement went on for 7 continuous months, and the suspect’s excuse was an alleged financial crisis in his life.


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The company management discovered the incident and immediately confronted the suspect. He confessed to his actions and promised to return the money and reach a settlement with them.

The suspect confessed to overcharging ticket prices, and charging extra fees for delayed and upgraded flights, without actually updating the changes on the company’s system. He also confessed to reducing airport taxes and keeping the fee differential for himself.

Dubai-Court A view of the Dubai Courts.

Recently, a 31 year-old Asian woman who worked in a telecom firm has been charged with forgery and theft, after she forged documents and executed requests for mobile services that helped her seize 496 mobile phones.

The telecom firm was checking the suspect’s sales performance between 2014 and 2015 when it discovered all the forged documents and fake mobile service requests.

The suspect was the one in charge of running online requests of customers, and had the key to the phones locker, which enabled her to forge requests for 496 mobile phones, worth Dhs1.39 million.

The firm’s audit section found that around 93 customers were late in paying instalments on the phones.

When the suspect was confronted, she denied all the accusations. She stated that it was her colleague who used her computer system to forge the documents.

The saleswoman is now facing forgery, theft and embezzlement charges, and is detained for her crime.

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