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Mark this: Image-conscious Zuckerberg sweats the small stuff

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Mark Zuckerberg.

Hollywood buffs love their favourite stars for their acting finesse and trends they set.  Such is the adoration they don’t mind the odd habits or fetishes. For instance, actor Cameron Diaz opens doors with her elbows – to avoid spreading bacteria and germs, according to one report. Jennifer Aniston always enters a plane with her right foot first, and in the process she taps the outside of the plane.

Headliner of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series Johnny Depp apparently enjoys playing with Barbie dolls.

Now celebrities outside moviedom also do quirky things. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a peculiar habit which many would find really weird: he has his underarms blow-dried before a key conference or meet – to get rid of the sweat! According to "Facebook: the Inside Story," an upcoming book written by Wired's Steven Levy, Zuckerberg is apparently so obsessed with his public appearance that he has a dedicated staff that "blow- dry his armpits" before he makes an appearance on stage to address the audience.

"A communications exec is shown blow-drying the CEO's armpits before speaking appearances to eliminate anxiety sweat," claimed the book.


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"I doubt this is true and if so it would have been at our communications team's request, but surely anyone who has ever worn a grey T-shirt can relate," Facebook spokesperson Liz Bourgeois told Business Insider.

The revelation took the social media by storm.

Sarah Frier who is a reporter with Bloomberg tagged Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on this: "I'm guessing @jack has never needed this service from you?"

Dorsey replied: "I haven't, but I'd be happy to provide that service for anyone on our comms team if needed.”

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