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8 Abu Dhabi schools show innovations


Students showcase their prototypes for the project Medical Tedical.

Shamila Jamaluddin, Staff Reporter

Students from eight schools from the emirate of Abu Dhabi recently participated at the fourth Annual GEMS Global Innovation Showcase (GIS) held at the Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi.

Students showcased their prototypes. Projects ranged from Automated Plant Grower, Waste Management System, Friendly Waste Management System, Scan Pen, Eco Saver, Future Farm-Vertical Garden, Medical Tedical, Boost of Energy, Interchanging Hydraulic Bridge to many more.

Seven schools from Abu Dhabi and one from Al Ain took part in the fourth Annual GIS.

Medical Tedical Students from Cambridge High School (CHS), Abu Dhabi, Shivani, Rifaa, Athena, Mehak, Parvi and Tirushi came up with something extraordinary during the event. Their project ‘Medical Tedical,’ a health robot which calls itself “I am Medical Tedical,” has five features: an alarm, a camera, a storage box, a screen and a Google assistant.

“We thought of natural disasters and we noticed that hundreds of people get injured or lose their lives during that time, to rectify this damage and to save human lives we wanted to find a solution that helps the victims. We came upon the idea of Medical Tedical, which has the ability to warn before a natural disaster takes place,” quipped the CHS students.

Speaking to Gulf Today student Parvi explained that “Medical Tedical can answer any questions that you have and warn you when a natural disaster is about to happen.”

In addition Medical Tedical sets an alarm on the time you have to take your medicines or the time you have an appointment with the doctor. Its camera which is one of the robot’s eyes can keep watch on all activities of the patient, whereas the human nurse need not have to worry since Medical Tedical is keeping watch over them. While the storage box which is its body stores medicines, the screen attached to the door of the storage box displays anything the patient wants from leisure to health related stuff. The Google assistant, built in its legs, will give solutions to the patients problems.

Moreover, speaking on their second project “Boost of energy” the CHS students added that one of the biggest crisis we face is global warming, the main reason being emission of carbon dioxide from the vehicles. “Boost of Energy is a car full of energy derived from the solar power.”

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