Girl handed over to her father after a video of her mother torturing her went viral - GulfToday

Girl handed over to her father after a video of her mother torturing her went viral


A video grab of the incident shows the tortured girl lying down on the floor.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The custody of the little girl that was being abused in a viral video has been given to her father.

Recently, the Abu Dhabi Police arrested a mother in the emirate of Abu Dhabi for torturing her daughter over a family dispute between her and her divorced husband.

The mother was referred to the Public Prosecution for necessary action.

The arrest follows videos of the torture that went viral on social media.

The police explained that the incident was met with widespread condemnation from the tolerant Emirati society that rejects all forms of violence.

They affirmed that they would not show any leniency to those who harm children and would take all the necessary action in accordance with the law.

The UAE enacted Wadeema’s law no. 3 for 2016, which guarantees the child’s rights from the moment of his birth until he reaches the age of puberty.


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The woman was reported to be a Filipina, who had recently been divorced from her Emirati husband.

She apparently married another man who is also a UAE national.

According to a report in a section of the local media, she filmed the torture herself, and posted the videos on social media to seek revenge on her ex-husband, as they were embroiled in a family dispute.

The woman’s ex-husband lodged a complaint with Abu Dhabi Police after seeing the videos.

The loathsome clips were traced to the woman, the abused child was identified, and the case was referred to the Abu Dhabi Family Prosecutor’s Office.

The video clips of the abuse, which went viral on social media on Wednesday, are gutting.

In one clip, the woman is seen dragging the girl by her legs on the floor. She is heard saying, “You are an Arab, must use violence with you, go to the toilet.”

In another, the hapless girl is seen without her innerwear and just crying, totally bruised as she is being thrashed by her mother. Her screams are frightening.



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