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Khorfakkan forum to discuss future of call centres


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Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

The first Sharjah Contact Centres Forum, being held in Khorfakkan on Monday, will feature two interactive sessions and two interactive workshops to discuss the future of contact centres. The Forum, being organised by the Sharjah Contact Centre of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau under the theme “Towards Effective Communication” will debate the effective and innovative methods of developing the work mechanism of contact centres and improving the efficiency of those working in this industry.

Khalid Al Naqbi, Manager of Sharjah Contact Centre, said, “The idea behind the Sharjah Contact Centres Forum is to facilitate an exchange of experiences and expertise of those working in this field. The Forum will review the best practices and technologies that are being embraced around the world in client management and satisfaction. This is a link between researchers and service providers at all levels.”

He added, “The roadmap for the those in the communication industry is set to undergo changes in the future, according to the needs and demands of the clients as the system of services being provided changes, and the communication channels that make the call centre employee compete with any job in the field of communicating with the customers and an inspiring leader in effective communication at a personal and professional level.”

The first workshop titled “Call Centres and Preparation for its Fifty”, discusses the effective methods and mechanism of managing the expectations of the customers and the ways to satisfy them, as this field has grown rapidly. It is necessary to enhance communication skills with internal and external customers, and raise the efficiency of workers, supervisors, administrators, and trainers in ways to deal with various kinds of customers in order to achieve the customer satisfaction, he added.

The second workshop discusses the topic “The new generation of performance indicators in call centres,” and the workshop reviews mechanisms for developing measurement of performance indicators in call centres, which is one of the most important means that oroganisations seek for business development and high levels of quality and excellence.

The first session of the Sharjah Contact Centres Forum titled “Stronger Investment ... Empowering Manpower” will discuss the importance of empowering individuals as the true value of any institution, as there is a strong relationship between human capital and economic growth. The session focuses on the role of national contact centres as a platform for investment in human resources.

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