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VIDEO: Two more coronavirus patients recover in UAE


The Chinese citizen who has recovered stands for a photograph with officials in Abu Dhabi.

Despite the storm of panic that has hit China and other countries over the spread of the coronavirus, the UAE has maintained a calm disposition, even as it revs up preventive and safety measures to combat the malignant effects of the disease.

And the results are already showing, in what is a new development that is like a ray of sunshine piercing the dark, gloomy atmosphere of virus-hit nations.

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention announced today that two new voronavirus patients admitted to one of the country’s hospitals had recovered, bringing the number of cases those who recovered to three out of a total of eight recorded cases.

Last week, the ministry announced that Liu Yujia, a 73-year-old woman from China, was the first patient who had recovered fully from the disease.

The two new patients who had recovered were also Chinese citizens, a 41-year old man, and his son, who was eight years old, the ministry said.

The recovery by the patients reflects the efficiency of the health system in the country as the Ministry of Health and Prevention considers the health and safety of UAE citizens and residents a strategic priority which it works on in coordination with the relevant authorities in the national system and harnesses national capabilities and resources.

The Emirates News Agency, WAM, accompanied Consul-General of China to the UAE, Li Xuhang, and Dr. Fatima Al Attar, Head of International Health Regulations at the Ministry, who visited the father and his son, to congratulate them on their complete recovery.


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The Chinese nationals expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE leadership for the care and medical attention they had received.

"The UAE leadership, government and people have demonstrated the true meaning of solidarity with the People's Republic of China in confronting this latest outbreak and lauded the UAE's advanced healthcare systems that resulted in the full recovery of the patients," Li Xuhang told WAM.

He also expressed happiness at the support provided by the UAE that mirrors the strong ties between the two friendly countries. He lauded the efforts of the Ministry which reflects the UAE's advanced healthcare systems that could deal with the cases successfully.

Dr. Al Attar said, "With the announcement of the recovery of the two cases, today, we deliver a message of love from the people of the UAE to the friendly Chinese people and emphasise our solidarity with them in facing this disease.

"A greeting of love to all my colleagues in the medical sector, and I thank them for the efforts to prevent and guarantee the health and safety of all members of the society," she added.

She indicated that the treatment of the coronavirus depends on enhancing the immunity level of patients, treating the symptoms and easing complications, as there is no vaccine for the virus to date.

She also pointed out that the father and son had received medical treatment in one of the country's best hospitals.

Dr. Al Attar noted that the studies currently available have proven that the recovery rate from this virus may reach 98 per cent.

Individuals diagnosed are receiving proper healthcare in accordance with leading World Health Organisation standards, with each case being individually monitored until full recovery is achieved, she emphasised.

It is reported that the other five cases are still being continuously monitored and one of them is under intensive care.

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