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VIDEO: Man rescues kitten stranded in Sharjah shop all night, while her mum waits outside


A combo image shows the kitten stuck inside a shop in Sharjah.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

A kitten was stuck inside a shop near Al Wahda Post office in Sharjah on Friday. The kitten’s mother was seen waiting helplessly outside the store in an emotional scene.

The mother was meeowing to draw attention to set her baby free from the curtain and carpet shop, but to no avail.

It is presumed that the kitten had slipped into the shop on Thursday night just before it was about to shutter down.  

A good Samaritan, Adnan, heard the distress call of the kitten on Friday morning, but could not figure out where the sound was coming from.

After looking around, he noticed that a kitten was stuck inside the shop while her mother was outside, whining for help.

The emotional scene of the mother moggie desperately waiting outside the shop for her baby melted the hearts of passerby.

On realising the gravity of the situation, Adnan swung into action.

He first asked a corner shop near the store about the details of the owner and his mobile number, but the man at the till said that he did not have the owner’s contact number.

Knowing there was no way to notify the owner about the incident, Adnan had no choice but to wait for the owner to come.

In the meantime, out of curiosity, Adnan peeked into the store just on the off chance he could fish out the contact details. And he got his eureka moment. After looking through the glass door he could see a receipt showing the contact details of the shop and its owner.

Adnan immediately phoned the owner and informed him of the situation.

The delighted Arab owner thanked him profusely and immediately set out for the shop, subsequently freeing the kitten.

The owner later WhatsApped Adnan and thanked him.

Shopowners have been urged to remain vigilant over animals slipping into their stores and getting stranded there.


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