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Asian lures woman with job offer, forces her into flesh trade in Abu Dhabi


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance has sentenced an Asian to life imprisonment followed by deportation for running a brothel.

The Court also ordered closing down of the brothel and told defendant to pay lawsuit fees.

According to case papers the defendant lured a maid into believing that he has a job for her.

He said she would be assigned to take care of an elderly.

Enticed by the offer the victim fled from her sponsor in another Emirates and headed to Abu Dhabi to begin her caretaker job offered by defendant.

But once the victim met the defendant, he took her to a flat and imprisoned her there.

A friend of defendant kept tight vigil at the flat victim was detained.

The victim was asked to work as a prostitute from 7:00pm to 3:00am daily and when she refused she was beaten severely.

When the torture become unbearable, the victim agreed.

After working for the Asian for over a month, the victim managed to escape and got a job at an Arab family house.

She then reported the incident to the police, who took her to a shelter home.

Upon investigation police found the the defendant was running a brothel and arrested him while he was entering into the country.

He then was referred to the Public Prosecution based on the victim's statements and the testimony of a policeman who testified that the operations room received a report about the incident.

Instantly on receiving the report, according to the witness, an investigation team was formed and reached its location of the victim at the Arab family.

Investigations also proved that the suspect has been in the UAE for 21 years, having a residency card with the profession of a light vehicle driver, but he worked in prostitution as he lured escapees from their sponsors, forced them to work in prostitution and was sold some to people working in prostitution.

The suspect used to wear the Emirati uniform, claiming he was a CID personnel to intimidate the maids.

He also assaulted many maid who refused to work with him, and took away their personal belongings.

The Public Prosecution charged the suspect with human trafficking, working in prostitution, running a brothel, and beating the victim in different parts of her body.

The suspect appealed the ruling of Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance, the Appellate Court commuted the prison sentence to 10 years, to be followed by deportation after paying the case fees.


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