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VIDEO: Tired of squirrel stealing bird food, lady greases feed pole


A combo image shows the squirrel desperately climbing the feed pole.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Bird lovers seem to have an ever-going battle with the animals from the rodent family, especially squirrels.

Nowadays, supermarkets also sell products and equipment to shoo away these small creatures as they make a menace of the garden, eating away the birds’ food.

An American lady faced a similar scenario. She was fed up with a squirrel stealing the birdfeed from her garden.  

So she came up with an innovative, perhaps cruel, way to get the squirrel away from the birdfeed.  


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This lady greased the birdfeed pole, so when the squirrel came over to climb the feeder, it created a spectacle.   

The poor squirrel desperately climbed halfway only to slide down in despair.

Bird owners can associate with this problem, but netizens have deeply sympathised with the squirrel, calling upon the lady to feed the squirrel as well. 

Some angry users called for action against the gardener.

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