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Company owner defrauded with Dhs350 cheque


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Mona Al Badawi, Staff Reporter

A company owner was defrauded after he received a cheque which was supposed to help him clear his debts, but he found the cheque was worth Dhs350, instead of Dhs350,000.

An Arab national headed to one of the companies that he dealt with, claiming his intention to pay his debt. He had already bought goods from the company worth Dhs700,000.


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The suspect signed two cheques for Dhs350,000 each, and requested receipts and a clearance, which he tore, so that he had destroyed everything proving the company's rights over them.

When the owner of the company went to the bank to encash the cheque, the teller gave him Dhs350 only instead of Dhs350,000.

He told the teller that the cheque value was Dhs350,000 but the latter told him the written amount was 350.00, indicating that the dots before the zeros did not add to the real amount.
The suspect premeditatedly did that after he wrote the amount in words (350 dirhams only).

The legal adviser, Mohamed Al Zarzour, affirmed that the cheque was legally valid and that the owner of the company had nothing to do because he did not verify the written value.

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