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VIDEO: Chinese mother wraps kids in plastic bags over coronavirus fears


A combo image shows the mother with her children wrapped in plastic bags.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A Chinese mother was touched by her kids’ desire to play with neighbours’ children, and had no option but to wrap them with plastic bags to prevent coronavirus infections.

A video of the incident has gone viral. The video shows a mother wearing a facemask, allowing her children inside a house. The children can be seen wrapped in huge plastic bags, which allow them to cover themselves up to the knees.

The children were not being able to move around freely with the plastic bags on, creating a funny scenario to everyone who saw them.

Millions of people around the world sympathised with the Chinese mother.

It is not clear when and where the video was shot.


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Last week, social media users got emotional over a heartbreaking video of a nurse treating coronavirus patients in China was seen giving an air hug to her sobbing daughter.

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