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VIDEO: Chinese boy infected by coronavirus is recovering, meets his father


A father cries after his son reaches out to him from a quarantined room.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Millions are celebrating the news of the recovery of a Chinese child who was less than 9 months old and was the youngest person infected with the Coronavirus in the world.

The Chinese Ministry of Health announced that the child is recovering and is preparing to leave the hospital.

Earlier a video of the child appeared online, showing the father trying to interact with his infected son. 

Millions around the world sympathized with the Chinese father. The son was being held at a quarantined room of a Wuhan hospital. 

The child in a glass cubicle was trying to seek his dad’s attention in an emotional video. At one point he asked for a hug, which made the father cry.

The video clip showed the father unable to hold back his tears because he can’t hold his baby. 

Corona-Baby-1 The emotional father turns away from his son.

The incident has raised questions on how to save children from the deadly virus.

The video was shared by a Twitter user "MyrahDahSmylah," who wrote, “Father can’t touch his little baby as he is infected with the Corona virus... The baby’s face though…”

China-Baby-750 The father tries to interact with his infant son.

Another user with the name “@StrongGrande26I” said, “Dont care if my baby has corona I will hug him and die together with him…”

Chinese authorities confirmed that the death toll from the deadly novel coronavirus in the country has increased to 259, with 11,791 infected cases in 31 provincial-level regions.

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