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Massive fire put out in Ajman warehouse

Fire truck

Fire trucks at the scene of the fire.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

 A massive fire erupted at a warehouse containing sponge on Sunday morning, and was successfully put out by the fire teams of Ajman Civil Defence General Headquarters.

Fire teams from two defence stations were called at around 7:27am to be informed about a fire that blasted in a warehouse of highly flammable sponge materials, at Al Jurf Industrial area 1, Ajman.

Lt. Col. Raed Al Zaabi, Deputy Director of Ajman Civil Defence, stated that fire teams immediately rushed to the scene, and the fire was successfully contained by 9:30am. However, efforts of the defence teams prevented spreading of the fire and the cause of any further damage.

Furthermore, Al Zaabi, pointed out that the highly inflammable sponge caused a cloud of heavy smoke to cover area, but the quick response of the team managed to save the situation, and the fire was contained with full professionalism.

Al Zaabi urged owners of factories and warehouses to follow all safety precautions when storing materials, especially the highly flammable kind.

Al-Zaabi, Deputy Director of the Ajman Civil Defense Centers, said that the civil defense teams received a notification at 07:27 am that a fire occurred in a warehouse of spongy materials in the industrial area of Al-Jarf 1, and therefore I rushed to the scene of the accident, in order to control the fire.

The fire was controlled at exactly 09:30 in the morning, preventing it from spreading to the neighboring warehouses and factories, and then the cooling operations started so that the fire would not reign, or move to another place, pointing out that the civil defense teams dealt with all competence and competence in order to control On the fire and prevent it from spreading to other places.

He pointed out that two centers participated in the extinguishing and cooling operations, which are the management center and the Al Jarf Center, and stated that the teams arrived at the fire site in record time due to the high readiness of the centers in terms of permanent readiness and appropriate geographical distribution of the centers, where they were distributed in light of the consideration of the sites and more areas Possibility of fires.

He added that the teams upon arrival worked to develop a quick plan to deal with the fire and not move it to other places, especially since the warehouse was full of sponge materials and rapid inflammable materials that caused heavy fumes and appealed to the owners of factories and warehouses in industrial facilities, to adhere to the standards and conditions of prevention and safety, and not Storing materials in a random manner, and monitoring maintenance of safety and protection devices periodically.

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