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AI technology draws attention of visitors at IES


The new technology enters the data of the school students into the robot’s memory. WAM

Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

Thousands of students and parents who visited the 16th International Education Show (IES 2020) on Thursday were in awe to see the robot “teacher of the future”, which is the first teacher-assistant robot in the UAE.

This new technology, launched by Wili Tech, is used to support the educational process, by entering all the data of the school students into the robot memory, so that it can recognise the students by looking at them. It is also able to measure and analyse the performance of students and the extent of their academic capabilities.

Thus, the teacher can prepare lesson plans according to the performance measured, in addition to using this robot in simplifying the scientific subjects such as mathematics, science, and physics.

Additionally, Wili Tech has launched a VR-based training and education technology. It’s a new technology relied on creating real scenarios simulating the school curriculums in the country, intending to bridge the gap between theoretical study and practical application by merging them.

“We have been keen to make this year’s edition of IES 2020 a unique experience full of innovation and creativity, by exchanging opinions and sharing experiences in the education technology, especially the requirements of the AI technology and the fourth industrial revolution,” said Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO, Expo Centre Sharjah.

“The IES 2020 is witnessing the participation of leading countries and companies in the education technology sector, in line with the leadership wise vision in terms of exploring the future and building capabilities, especially in the fields that consolidate the active participation of the UAE in developing innovation-based practical solutions and adopting the latest technology to ensure the sustainability of development, progress, and welfare,” he added.

Al Midfa said that harnessing opportunities and capabilities of the AI technologies will help develop students and prepare leaders of innovation who can move forward into a new era of the educational process.

Advanced capabilities in the field of maritime education, showcased by the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport in Sharjah (AASTS) was another attraction at the show. The centre presented the latest educational courses and capabilities in smart education through its advanced laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art simulators and digital virtual training systems.

Hundreds of students visited the academy’s pavilion as the official admission has been opened for the second patch in both Maritime Transport Technology and Marine Engineering Technology.

AASTS President Dr Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Faraj explained, “It is important for us to participate in this exhibition to create more awareness about the benefits that we provide to students looking for highly competitive new educational opportunities in the maritime sector as there has been a strong demand for qualified local cadres, especially in this part of the world.”

Dr. Ahmed Youssef, Associate Dean of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology, said that the UAE is one of the main destinations for maritime business, as the volume of the industry exceeds Dhs280 billion dirhams, and it hosts dozens of international marine companies. “Moreover, the UAE owns more than 19 ports, some of which are ranked among the top ten ports globally. For this reason, the maritime industry needs great support from academic institutions,” he said.

He emphasised that the Academy will play a central role in bridging the shortage of Emirati cadres needed by the local and regional market in general, in addition to contributing to the enhancement of the UAE’s position as one of the most important international maritime centers, not only in terms of infrastructure and maritime facilities, but also as a scientific center for the latest in research, development and innovation.

The Academy seeks to attract professional cadres working in maritime institutions in the country who want to receive specialised training programmes within the professional development and continuing education services provided by the Academy.

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