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Meet the Emirati man who caught a huge shark weighing 350kg in Fujairah


Eid Ahmad Suleiman poses next to his prize catch.

Bakr Al Mahasneh, Staff Reporter

An Emirati national has broken all records of satisfaction when he caught a huge shark during his daily catch.

Eid Ahmad Suleiman from Fujairah shared a photo of him standing next to the shark hanging from a crane.

The shark is over three metres long and is around 350kg.

The 51-year-old man from Fujairah caught the shark on Sunday morning. 

Suleiman said, “The catch of the fish happened by chance. I was surprised while pulling the hook and the rope was pulled back to the water. I held the hook strongly so that it did not escape, especially since the fish did not appear at the beginning. It was at a depth of 200 metres, and I pulled the rope with all my strength. I was left shocked when I saw a big shark which was about to devour another small one but I got it out of the water and put it on the boat."

He added, “I am happy with what I did because catching a shark of this size is very rare in Fujairah.”

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In 2018, The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) honoured the combined teams from the Ministry, Dubai Police and the Marine Environment Protection Association, who collaborated in carrying out a rescue operation to return to the sea a juvenile whale shark that lost its way in Dubai Creek.

During the recognition ceremony organised by the Ministry at its headquarters in Dubai, Dr Thani Bin Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, commended the role played by all the teams cooperating to save one of the UAE’s most important marine species.

"Sharks are one of the most important and diverse marine creatures in the UAE waters. In line with its strategy and the UAE Vision 2021, MOCCAE strives to maintain marine sustainability and preserve the biodiversity of the local environment. The Ministry also aims to raise awareness on the importance of protecting sharks, in light of the surge in over-fishing, mainly due to the high value of shark fins, shark meat, and shark gill plates, which has adversely affected the shark population and threatened them with extinction, especially in the East Asian countries," said the minister.

The minister pointed out that MOCCAE launched the National Plan of Action (NPOA) for the Conservation and Management of Sharks 2018-2021, which presents concrete steps to conserve and sustain the 72-known species of sharks and mantas that consider the UAE home.

The rescue operation started immediately after receiving a notification about the sighting of the three-metre long shark in Dubai Creek. A team of expert divers and employees from MOCCAE’s Biodiversity Department reached the scene. They developed a rescue plan with minimal risks, factoring in the shark’s state of fear and anxiety. Divers tasked with the rescue split up into three groups on board two boats. Five exhausting hours later, they managed to get the juvenile whale shark onto a stretcher that extended below the water between the two boats and extracted it from the Creek, before moving it slowly back into the Arabian Gulf.

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