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Emirati student invents AI arm


Mozah Sultan Al Hammad explains her invention to a group of students.

Abdul Rahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

An Emirati student, Mozah Sultan Al Hammadi from Adnoc Schools in Abu Dhabi has invented an electronic artificial intelligence arm to examine and diagnose the human body through special sensors. It examines  the body in five seconds through handshaking and then the arm transfers information to a dedicated site with an account for each user who is allowed to see the results and the history.

Al Hammadi said that she got the second place in the 2019 Future Pioneers Competition in the category of the best investment project in the UAE. She noted that the electronic arm shows the results of body temperature, heart pressure, sugar, air flow, respiration and urine, and oxygen information automatically by shaking the arm.

She added after the completion of the examination process,  the examinee  is briefed on the results. He consequently will need medication, which is the second part of the project where a drone programmed with GPS is connected to his location to get the medicines from a pharmacy to deliver them to the patient.

Al Hammadi noted that the project can be put into effect in parks, commercial centres and public places, where individuals can test themselves without the need to go to hospital.

Recently, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, attended  “Artificial Intelligence Experts Retreat”, which was organised by the National Programme of Artificial Intelligence, AI, and attracted 350 AI experts from public and private sector.

Sheikh Mohammed also launched a programme to attract AI talents. It seeks to set a global laboratory dedicated to AI in the UAE and includes best local and global talents. It provides a work environment that helps develop innovative solutions that serve humanity.

Sheikh Mohammed said that Artificial Intelligence becomes an important aspect for building the future, and key for the planning for future governments.

He also said that the UAE has been among the front runners globally to promote Artificial Intelligence to shape the future, as this technology is a backbone for the UAE future strategy and its development journey for the next 50 years. Sheikh Mohammed also said that AI will not be used only to improve government services but also improve people lives in the country.

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