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Abu Dhabi implements 4 new road projects


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Mohammed Alaa, Staff Reporter

Engineer Mohammed Rashid, Head of Planning and Programming Department in the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City revealed the implementation of four projects aiming at developing roads and infrastructure within the island of Abu Dhabi.

According to Rashid, the projects include developing rainwater drainage networks, separate works for (east and west) basins of Abu Dhabi Island, improving the Marina Al Bateen Street area, developing internal roads, setting up surface parking and public spaces for the West 58 and West basin 69, at a total cost of Dhs288,284,494.

Rashid added: “The first project includes developing rainwater drainage networks inside Abu Dhabi Island, which was started in October 2018, with a budget of about Dhs39,600,000. The vital project is said to directly contribute to achieving the goals of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality aiming at ensuring the safety and health of road users, and preserving the cultural appearance.”

Rashid added that as much as 55% of the project had been accomplished, pointing out that it would be completed by October 2020.

Rashid added that the second project included separate works for (East and West) basins of Abu Dhabi Island, which the municipality began implementing in October 2018, with a budget of Dhs114,796,000.

The project reportedly included the construction of separate roads and parking lots, rainwater drainage works, sewage networks, street lighting, the conversion and delivery of infrastructure services within the project area, and the installation, removal and conversion of informative panels.

Rashid affirmed that 79% of the project’s work had been completed in preparation for its completion by the end of September 2020.

As for the third project, Rashid said that it aimed to develop and improve the area of Marina Al Bateen Street. It included the implementation of a dual road with a total length of 1 kilometres, the replacement of the surface asphalt layer and the construction of 2 roundabouts, a traffic light intersection, the construction of sidewalks, a rainwater drainage network, and the street lighting network in Central Island along the way, in addition to protection work for existing service and irrigation network.

The project works were reportedly started in November 2019 with a budget of Dhs57,164,533, and aimed to develop and construct streets for the Marina Al Bateen area, the development and construction of new major networks for rainwater drainage and an irrigation network. The project was scheduled to be completed on 5 May, 2021.

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