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Dubai Police officer saves suicidal European man

Better strategy needed to curb suicides

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An officer of the General Department of Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police saved a European man’s life after he tried to commit suicide in his rented room in a villa in Dubai.  

Commenting on the incident, Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jalaf, Director of Criminal Investigation Department in Dubai Police, said that the Dubai Police Command & Control Centre received a report last Thursday, at 11pm from a European claiming that his friend intended to commit suicide on his Facebook account due to some financial and social issues.

“Dubai Police instantly responded to the report and located the suicidal man’s residence in Al Bada and reached his villa in a very short period of time. Our team confirmed the report with the villa’s landlord who hadn’t seen the man for days,” Al Jalaf added.

As the European man was trying to hang himself and was short of breath in a locked room, a brave Dubai officer climbed to the second floor through the verandah to rescue the man just in time.

After the officer broke into the room through the verandah’s door, he found the man unconscious and barely breathing and he immediately performed a CPR on him.

Brig. Al Jallaf praised the officer’s presence of mind and quick response to the situation.

The man was rushed to hospital where he received the necessary medical care. A psychiatrists’ team from Dubai Police also attended to the psychological condition and needs of the man who regretted attempting to take his own life.

Recently, the Abu Dhabi Police arrested a European magician red-handed while he was practising witchcraft and sorcery. T

he suspect reportedly deluded his victims of his ability to solve their psychological and family problems and alleviate the burden and pressures of daily life.

Brigadier Omran Ahmed Al Mazroui, Director of the Criminal Investigations Directorate, explained the event dated back to an earlier time when the Directorate received information from secret sources alerting that a person practised witchcraft and sorcery in his apartment in the city of Abu Dhabi, where he met victims and communicated with them through social media.

Brigadier General Mohammed Suhail Al Rashdi, Director of the Criminal Security Sector, indicated that, instantly on receiving the tipoff, an investigation team was formed to apprehend the sorcerer, and the detectives set up a plan to arrest him red-handed.

Suhail affirmed the Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to confront those practising such acts, follow up on suspicious activities, prosecute them, and take legal measures against them.

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